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I am the first person in my family born in California. I was raised in Los Angeles but

eventually settled in San Francisco where I spent summers with my grandparents.


The first library I ever worked at was in my middle school, serving as a student aide

to the venerable school librarian Barbara Warren.


My passion for literature inspired me to study the humanities at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I spent my entire undergrad working in the Map & Imagery Laboratory at UCSB's Davidson Library on campus. I cut my teeth on special collections, history, and archives.


In San Francisco, I became a jack of all trades at the regional office for Arcadia Publishing. When not making photographic history books, I helped pull off the California Book Awards at The Commonwealth Club of California for a few years.


The time came to return to school. I embraced my obsessive habits for organization and detailed description, and entered the amazing graduate program in Library Information Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. I am now bona fide with my MLIS degree.


My most recent experience was a digital archiving project at Williams-Sonoma Inc. to secure and populate a database with legacy media assets for the Pottery Barn catalog.


If I'm not a computer console editing my iTunes library, I'm most likely busy with a family digitization project, riding a bicycle uphill (this is San Francisco), picking up stuff at the library, planning a trip, cooking dinner, or reading in my lounger and ottoman.


I am married to the incomparable Clarissa Soong, we have the best cat in the universe, and we are blessed with incredible friends. I don't take any of this for granted.

Life in General



As much as I am a homebody, you got to go outside, and you must get out of your element.


We travel whenever possible. Be patient and allow the best experiences to happen naturally.


Observe, keep the faith, and do no harm.



Scott with Antti at the Helsinki Nat'l Music Library


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Backyard Movie Night: A Chairy Tale (1957)

Backyard Movie Nights


On warm nights in San Francisco, we like to set up our

projector rig and have outdoor movie screenings. We play just about anything so long as we wrap up by midnight in consideration of our neighbors.


Personal Library Project



Utilizing the excellent resources at FRBR-powered Library Thing, I am unpacking boxes of books, culling my collection, and slowly cataloging my home library.

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